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"I want to thank you first for the great photos and second for being patient with me. You definitely helped to make a great family memory." Carole Lewis

"8x10's arrived yesterday from our trip! Turned out amazing! Thank you for adding to a wonderful experience and capturing some very fun photos of our rafting trip on the McKenzie River." John Mackenzie - Descendant of McKenzie River namesake Donald Mackenzie

"Thank you for taking awesome photos and for so promptly responding to my inquiries and sending my order so fast. Great service. I really appreciate your hard work!" Jen Manosh

"I received the disk with the pictures, love them!" Makenna Stolle

"West Coast Action Photos took these pics last weekend on the McKenzie River... those guys do great work!!" Greg Hatten - Wooden Boat Adventures

"What a trooper ... coming out in the rain to shoot our trip! Thanks so much! Our rain-loving family appreciated your being there, and the pics were fantastic!" Jonnie Helfrich - McKenzie River Rafting.

"Great job on the photos from the 2011 NW Nationals!" Winky Brazzil - AHDRA Dragbike Racer

"Thank You for taking such great photos!" Daniel Fisher - River Guide

"great pictures thank you!" Stephanie Crownover - Kayaker

"Thank you for these fantastic pictures of our adventure" JoAnn Failor

"Wow! Like that shot!" Jen D

"These photos are awesome! Hard to get shots of all of us while on the raft hanging onto the dog to keep him from jumping out...Beau Diddy Bodacious isn't a water dog..." Laura Henderson

"Thanks for all your hard work and dedication, you guys are great!!!" Clovis Alexander - River Guide

"Sis, these pics are awsome!!" Aunt Suzie

"Your shots n Silly Lillys were sweeet! Thanks for your dedication, and spirit on the McKenzie! Love to the crew..."  Rookie Stafford - River Guide

"Love my pics. . Amazing work guys. ." Snow Gilbert

"Lily and Mark, Nice job on the photo's at Marten's on Saturday - they came out great!!" Greg Hatten - Wooden Boat Adventures

"Great pictures!" Tony

"nice shot man" Mark Gailey

"Great sequence... That pooch looks a bit concerned... Lol!!!" Clovis Alexander - River Guide

"Just want to thank Silly Lilly for going above and beyond for me and stayin to capture memories that will last a life time and then some...Love to you my friend!" Rookie Stafford - River Guide

"Thank you so much for taking these awesome photos of our rafting adventure!" Laura Henderson

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